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The elephants came in more than two by two!

Finally time to indulge with a little sewing 'me time' yesterday. I picked up my half-started Elephants Baby Quilt and finished sewing the front together. I added in two bands of the cutesy elephant fabric. For once, the light was playing ball in our living room and I captured this rather striking shot of the quilt post-ironing. You can really see the rows of bricks.

I am thinking of quilting with circles, but need to practice first. It's all sanwiched, ready to go (I had hoped to take it finished to this month's LMQG, but alas no).


A quilt in a day (well nearly)

It's a sunny Saturday today, and with the Husband having to work at the last minute, it was all systems go for me too. We've been invited to Baby-Jack-across-the-road's christening next weekend. Now I failed on making him a quilt for his arrival back in July so I decided that, if I chose something easy, I could make him a cot quilt.

So, still in my dressing gown, I raided my stash this morning and plumped for Caleb Gray's On the Road for Robert Kaufman in lime green, which I bought some time back from Clothkits. I then pulled out plains in duck egg, teal, yellow and orange, adding in white to keep things crisp.

When it came to size, I was limited by the number of sqaures I could cut from my hero fabric, so The On the Road squares are 8in, with the plain borders 2 1/4in. I made five with coloured borders and four with white. The gingham is Darla TW18 Green by Tanya Whelan for FreeSpirit and I decided to use this for the sashing. When it came to backing fabric, I used Punctuation by Sandy Klop for Moda, which I'd bought for the Baby Flags Quilt (yes I know, that means I'll have to go shopping to finish this for October's LMQG challenge!!). To make the quilt top less square, I added a strip top and bottom of an orange houndstooth, which I picked up at Tricolett, which has unfortunately closed down.

Anyway, with the top done (will show tomorrow), and the sandwich pinned and ready for quilting, I'm feeling quite pleased with myself. Still a deadline of next Sunday means I'll have to keep the momentum going. I've named this cute quilt'Traffic Jam', as you can just imaging the cars, vans, lorries and buses all honking and tooting away as they go about their daily business.


And so it begins

I've started FM quiliting my biggest yet… The Wedding Quilt. It's very hot to be doing this and I'm guessing each block takes me 15mins, might be a while


Brotherly love (and fluff)

Tonight, I got myself kitted out… 

Hardly the prettiest things in the world!

With a deadline of Friday fast approaching (why do I always leave things to the last minute), I really needed to crack on with my HST Baby Quilt.

Perhaps I shouldn't have worn an 'I'm going to attract every thread and piece of fluff' black dress for the occasion, as when I called time for tonight (about half way through), I looked down and saw the state of my frock…

Loving the colour-matched gloves-to-cardi combo! Anyway, back to the job in hand. I'm using a stippling pattern on my little Brother sewing machine, which I've had for 12+ years. It's fair to say that we've had a bit of a love-hate relationship – I don't thing it's forgiven me for trying to sew a badge on to a policeman friend's bullet-proof vest, after which, I had to take it to be the sewing-machine fixer. Currently though, we seem to be getting on ok, and tonight, I made good progress. Tomorrow I must finish quilting, then bind on Wednesday – deadline, schmedline I say!


I'm a metric kinda gal

Sorry lovely blog I have been ignoring you. I'd like to say I have a good excuse, but I don't. Yes I did manage to spoil myself with a little sewing activity as threatened in my last post, but not as much as I would have liked, mainly because I had to have two trips to The Quilt Room in nearby Dorking to buy sashing for the Wedding Quilt I am making for my friend. Working with 9inch squares cut from my Kate Spain layer cake, I guessed one metre would be enough, how wrong! (maybe it was just an excuse to go there a second time last Saturday). Anyway while I was there, I popped into this gorgeous felt and wool shop called Fluff-a-Torium and found this inch tape - maybe I need to carry some with me at all times so I can work out the inch/cm-how-much-I-think-I-need question! 

More on the Wedding Quilt soon - it's coming along nicely…