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They loved it!

Emma and Matthew loved the quilt! It was such a beautiful wedding day, and they were so thrilled with my handiwork – Emma kept thanking the Husband, which made me think of his contribution. He kept me fed and watered while I hunched over my machine and made sure there was petrol in the car for the many trips to fabric shops needed over the last few months… sometimes it's these little things that make for a great team.


A gold medal… in binding

I've done it! The Wedding Quilt is sitting in a posh bag, all ready for Emma and Matthew's wedding today. Having taken the day off yesterday to a) get my hair done all glam and b) bind the quilt, I can say by 4pm I was DONE! Phew (the Olympics provided the TV entertainment - go Team GB!).

I'm glad I decided to sash with white, as it's made the fab colours of Kate Spain's Good fortune fabrics really pop. I stippled all over, and after one disasterous night of sewing machine hate (mainly due to a massive ball of fluff that had been builidng up under the bobin for quite some time now!), my stitches improved, and I think the quilting is fine.

The binding is a sky-blue from Moda with Kate Spain's Tranquil Butterfly in orange/blue for the backing, although in spite of finding some at New Threads and The Cotton Patch I had to do a strip of the leftover layer cake squares and one area made up of the trimmings used from cutting the original layer cake pieces to 9inch squares.

I made a label using a fine-point Sharpie pen and Bondaweb, having stitched a label patch into the back as as I made up the backing shortfall! I think it looks cute with the butterflies. 

Anyway, off to put on my posh frock and head to The Cotswolds - here's to a great wedding day!


And so it begins

I've started FM quiliting my biggest yet… The Wedding Quilt. It's very hot to be doing this and I'm guessing each block takes me 15mins, might be a while


I'm a metric kinda gal

Sorry lovely blog I have been ignoring you. I'd like to say I have a good excuse, but I don't. Yes I did manage to spoil myself with a little sewing activity as threatened in my last post, but not as much as I would have liked, mainly because I had to have two trips to The Quilt Room in nearby Dorking to buy sashing for the Wedding Quilt I am making for my friend. Working with 9inch squares cut from my Kate Spain layer cake, I guessed one metre would be enough, how wrong! (maybe it was just an excuse to go there a second time last Saturday). Anyway while I was there, I popped into this gorgeous felt and wool shop called Fluff-a-Torium and found this inch tape - maybe I need to carry some with me at all times so I can work out the inch/cm-how-much-I-think-I-need question! 

More on the Wedding Quilt soon - it's coming along nicely…


Wedding Quilt... started

I've started another quilt (I know I seem to have several WIPs, but it's quite an eventful summer with babies, birthdays and the wedding of my stylist – and stylish – friend Emma).

I taught Emma to sew far too many years ago than either of us care to rememer, so it seems only right that I make something for her and husband-to-be Matthew's big day.

She's a bit of a vintage girl at heart, so when I saw Kate Spain's Good Fortune range as a layer cake at Tricolette after last month's LMQG meeting, I knew I'd found the right fabric collection.

I decided to follow a pattern from Moda Bakeshop by The Polka Dot Chair, which starts by divding your layer cake into five colour groups. With a bit of improvisation, I finally got the right number of fabrics in each pile. Then it was on to cutting three groups into strips of three and mixing them up before machine-stitching back together.

Then, armed with my rotary cutter, I got lots of cutting practice in as I trimmed my machine strips and the remaining squares to 9inches. Yet more scraps… I love the colour and pattern hit these give.

So I did what every quilter does, and popped the scraps in a zip-lock bag. I wonder if I can use them on the back of my wedding quilt, maybe to 'frame' the label, although I need to sort out a label (and blog header) design, which has been on my 'to do list' for months now.

Although I do like an empty Bon Maman jam jar, washed out with its cute gingham lid. I used one to fill up with haberdashery for our recent swap at the LMGQ meeting (oh great news, they've also found space at the John Lewis bistro on Oxford Street for all of our 'What modern quilting means to me' minis, so my little hexie one will be there!).