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A shopping Saturday

I'm at my Mam and Dad's this weekend for Mother's Day and my Dad's birthday. We've just returned from a Saturday morning shopping spree in Monmouth. My poor dad came out of The Cotton Angel £36.20 worse off, having spolit 'his little girl'. My Mam's been tempting me with The Cotton Angel my last two visits, but today we finally made it. I'm now collecting for either my Swoon or Sparkle Punch quilt - duck eggs and mochas, so am building up a nice-looking stash (although the Husband said, 'Why do you need more fabric? I think you have the right colours, you just don't know it!'). Ummm any good replies gladly welcomed…



To Swoon or to Sparkle Punch?

I have a quilting quandry, a design dilemma… to Swoon or to Sparkle Punch? Since starting my blog, I've been following, blogging about (and even stalking) Oh Fransson's Sparkle Punch Quilt-along as THE ONE to make for our bed, but then Camille's Swoon pattern keeps popping up in it's various different guises (I blame Flickr) and I'm thrown off my original course.

I know my colour palette, lovely mocha with soft duck egg, and I know I want to get this baby longarm quilted, but which to choose???

Any advice? Or maybe I should just jump straight in when I'm off from work after Easter, and make one block of each…


Joining a quilt-along

That's it, there's no going back… I have commented on Elizabeth's blog, that I would love to join her quilt-along for the Sparkle Punch Quilt. I thought about using my stash of mocha/mushroom//taupe/chocolates as our bedroom has one mocha painted wall and the others are a stone colour. I've been adding to this stash every trip to The Quilt Room in Dorking, which is one of my fav haunts.

 I'll need to decide on a background (or negative) colour as I fancy making less stars and positioning them in more of an asymmetrical design as Elizabeth's quilt in progress pics show, but maybe I'll see how I get on with the stars once I start sewing them together. I really like the soft duck egg of this Oliver Bonas wrapping paper, so maybe I'll hunt down a plain in the same shade.