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Rose Star addiction 

'I am addicted to making Rose Stars,' there, I've said it… I was warned by other EPP people out there (have a look at Selfsewn's flickr group to see for yourself!), that once started the Rose Star blocks would take over. And they have, with block two finished, and number three well underway.

I've decided to keep the centre of each Rose Star plain – either the lilac, black or aqua. I've also kept one of the black pattern pieces from my bundle to use for the border. I'm now guessing that, in spite of my addiction, that this will be ready as a quilt for my niece by Christmas rather than her birthday in May… as a girl still has to work.

Of course, this addiction might explain why there's been no follow-up post about my Sparkle Punch Quilt, with Oh Fransson… I'm still thinking about it; still following Elizabeth's excellent tutorial, but no, haven't yet put scissors to fabric. Perhaps when the snow goes and it's not quite as cold, then maybe I'll want to leave my spot on the sofa in front of our wood burner (where I can 'Rose Star' to my heart's content) and do some machine quilting in the dining room. Will keep you posted…


A snowy second meeting

Sunday saw snow and the second meet-up of The London Modern Quilt Guild. Luckily my trains decided to run (and even on time) as I treked up to London. We had a suprisingly good turn out and we soon warmed up during our first ever 'Show & Tell'. I took along pics of my fish quilt (the theme was Favourite Quilt) but I definitely had QUILT ENVY as there were some beautiful designs… including some amazing long-armed quilting, embroidered blocks and even solid colour quilts. 

Our February (and first challenge) is quilts on a 'love' theme… so must get my thinking cap on. Maybe something scrappy with hearts, or more appliqué-base a la Jan Constantine? Will keep you posted… Anyway, back home, with the wood-burning stove roaring, I sat down and finished my second Rose Star block (several of my new quilting friends from the LMQG are also taking part - it's a small world).


Rose Star block completed

As promised… my first finished Rose Star. I know I said I'd have this up on Wednesday, but it was so dark and gloomy by the time I got in from work, that taking a decent photo would have been a nightmare.

I have to say, I really did enjoy this (although might try a bit of fancy cutting with the next one to show off the patterns on the fabric). It made a change to be sitting alongside the husband sewing, rather than in the dining room, which is my makeshift sewing station. 


My Rose Star block begins to bloom

Paper pieces, lovely palette of liacs, yellows and aqua with a strong injection of black… work has started on my paper-pieced Rose Star quilt, following Selfsewn's tutorial. I'm surprised at how quickly the star grows, although the pieces are small to work with. Here's all the paper pieces cut out ready to go (which did take a while, but at least I have them for future stars, as I can take them out from the middle of each rose star as I hand-stitch them together).

And the fabric - will post a pic of my first finished rose star tomorrow.  

I'm still thinking of making lots (umm must work out how many 'lots' is) for a single quilt - any idea?? If I average one a fortnight and my niece's birthday is May, then I might make eight or nine!


Finding inspiration

So I spent this morning thinking about my plans for my Rose Star blocks with Selfsewn. While I was having a rummage through my stash basket (it's all contained in a large hamper from Fortnum & Mason), I came across this tunic, which has been there for a year or more in need of a running repair (shocking I know). 

It's got such a fab mix of colours, with the pink/lilac bloom, turquoise, fresh green, all against a black background. It's the same colour combo as a fat quarter bundle my Mam bought me for Christmas this year from HobbyCraft.

I'm liking the black with the softer colours, so I wondered if that should be the plain I need (each block takes four patterns and a plain)? I also think this colourway could make a great quilt for my seven-year-old niece as won't be too girly, now she's getting a little older. Her birthday is in May, so could be finished by then…