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The Post-it Note Quilt

I've told you about my EPP WIP (can I get any more abreviations?!) and, as I was in Wales visiting my Mam and Dad this weekend, I finally managed to take a pic. This quilt has been there, in it's below state, for over two years, waiting for me to get my act together and take the batting and backing fabric with me (my Mam has a big living room floor that's perfect for basting on).

I started this double-bed quilt New Year's Day 2002. Through a clearout at work, I had collected a big stash of blue and cream fabrics. Now these were upholstery swatches, varying from silks to wools, embroidered pieces to denims, and as most were just big enough to hand-piece around a Post-it Note, so that's what I decided to use. Yes, I know I'll never be able to pop it in the washing machine, but I thought, judging by the hours I would invest in this, NO-ONE WOULD EVER BE ALLOWED TO SLEEP UNDER IT!

The beauty about Post-it Notes and a hand-piece quilt is that there's no need to cut hundreds of pieces of paper, and what's even better, the sticky edge of each note does away with the need for a pin while you tack around the edges. And so I started to tack and sew my squares together (adding in a few favourite fabrics from my own stash and that of my Mam (a piece from an old dress from when I was small, a shirt of my dad's… even the chambray plain border came from a pair of old bedroom curtains).

I worked in blocks of nine - three by three - which made them very portable. My patchwork squares even came with my husband and I when we camped at the foot of Ben Nevis. 

I'm tempted to machine quilt this myself, maybe stitching diagonally through each square (although I keep looking at getting it Longarm quilted).