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Scrap border for Flag Baby Quilt

So all of my flags have been hand-appliqued into place for my Flag Baby Quilt, and now I need to add the 'string' to link them together. But I've change my mind – I was going to use this orange spot (the thin orange stripe is for the backing), but as the string needs to be cut on the bias, I think the dots could be a bit tricky to match up and it might just look a bit too much. 

As it's the first meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild tomorrow in Soho London, I'll pop into Liberty's or John Lewis and get a new plain (orange seems to be the obvious choice, although I might be tempted by a hit of lime green – will let you know what I come back with!). So this afternoon, I machine-stitched the scrappy border together instead, although I'll have to wait until I get the string sorted before I can sew it on to my quilt.


Put the flags out

I thought I'd show you this year's first WIP, before I get carried away with my Sparkle Punch Quilt. I've had my eye on Moda's Flag Baby Quilt ever since I treated myself to their Fresh Fabric Treats book in September. I've lots of bright oranges, pinks, limes and purples in my stash (including a vintage piece from my own nursery when I was a baby and a few Amy Butler bits), which I knew would be perfect for this quilt as soon as I saw it. So, I spent an afternoon of my 'down time' between Christmas and New Year to machine stitch the semi circle flags. 

I used a slightly off-white/flax coloured backing as I didn't want a crisp white as thought it might be too harsh. I bought this on my pre-Christmas shopping trip to Ray Stitch on Essex Road, Islington, along with a fab orange stripe for the backing, which I'll show when I get to that stage!

So I began to roughly position the flags in place. As my backing fabric piece only measured 100cm x 100cm (I only bought 1m) and not the 43inch square piece the book said I needed, I was careful not to pin them too close to the edges (I ended up repositioning some of the flags since taking the photo below as I realised that you need them to line up to make it easier to stitch the 'string' in place). I also used 20 flags rather than the 22 as per the book.

So now I'm sewing the flags in place by hand, which is really nice to do on an evening after work as I'm not hunched over the sewing machine. Next step is to add the 'string' between the flags.