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A 'swooning' day off

Back to work tomorrow, but as it's both my birthday and wedding anniversary today, I allowed myself a whole afternoon of sewing – pure bliss. I cut out the pieces for my first Swoon block for our bedroom quilt last week, using my mocha and duck egg stash so I set up the sewing machine in our dining room and got started. I've finally decided to 'Swoon' rather than 'Sparkle Punch' this time around.

As it was sunny out, I took a leaf out of Selfsewn's recent post about showing off your patchwork outside, and pegged my first completed block to our cherry tree, which is just about to burst into full blossom. As a first attempt, I'm pleased, although the points could line up just a tad more.

And then I got a little carried away with the blossom/Swoon combo…

And then I got a little arty…

Perfect day…


Book stash space

At last, our living room shelves are finished and I'm thrilled! Finally I can collect my quilting and sewing books from their various hiding holes around our house and unite them! I've also taken several crafty books to the charity shop, as it's been so long since they were unpacked that they were seriously dated (I mean AM I EVER going to sewing fake sunflowers into organza pockets on a tablecloth?). 

So here's my 'ME Shelf', lined with faves by such names as Elizabeth Hartman, Amy Butler, Alissa Haight Carlton and Kristen Lejnieks, but of course there's always room for a few more. I do have my eye on Elizabeth's new Modern Patchwork and Denyse Schmit's Modern Quilts, Traditional Inspiration. What's your latest book purchase, and why should I pop it on my new shelves? I'd love to hear…


Must try harder

I've noticed a theme to my posts recently, that of buying fabric and not actually using it. Take our monthly meeting of the London Modern Quilt Guild two Sundays ago. Held at Tricolette just off Abbey Road, I managed to spend £38.40 before we even got started (thanks Michael for letting us meet there). Now, I missed last month's meeting due to essential DIY-ing in preparation for our living room shelves, so I didn't swap my bag of scraps, let alone make the wonky log cabin block (see what I mean about not actually sewing, just dreaming and spending!).

Oops, here's one of the purchases – a Kate Spain layer cake – just for a fabric hit in this post…

Anyway, with my fabric tucked away under my seat, the meeting started. Then lovely Pennie arrived with surprise guest Aneela Hoey, fabric designer and book author extraordinaire. Aneela was so generous with her advice as she told us how teamed up with Moda and how she transfers her designs from paper to screen. 

I left all geered up for next month's challenge, and as I'm off this week, I might just make it. We have to design a 12inch block that sums up modern quilting, with the best displayed at John Lewis on Oxford Street. Will keep you posted… although I am feeling the need to buy some plain grey fabric to sash my design!


Copenhagen stash-buying

It's been ages, but it's been manic – trying to finish decorate our living room, busy with work and a trip to Copenhagen. I'm now have a week off, so hopefully I'll get lots of blogging and sewing done. 

When we were away over Easter, I discovered this very cute children's clothing and toy shop, called Mini Ministeriet with fat quarters for sale (hoorah) and the Husband said I could part with a few kronas (they were 35 kronas each, which I work out to be £3.88, so not a bad price). I'm loving the owl design (click to see the pattern), which will make a cute starting point for a baby quilt (I need to make three this summer for friends and neighbours, having started giving them as gifts last year). 

I need to think of how I can use the owls without cutting too many in half or chopping their heads or wings off as they are such quirky characters… will let you know what I decide.


A shopping Saturday

I'm at my Mam and Dad's this weekend for Mother's Day and my Dad's birthday. We've just returned from a Saturday morning shopping spree in Monmouth. My poor dad came out of The Cotton Angel £36.20 worse off, having spolit 'his little girl'. My Mam's been tempting me with The Cotton Angel my last two visits, but today we finally made it. I'm now collecting for either my Swoon or Sparkle Punch quilt - duck eggs and mochas, so am building up a nice-looking stash (although the Husband said, 'Why do you need more fabric? I think you have the right colours, you just don't know it!'). Ummm any good replies gladly welcomed…


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