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Half star triangles baby quilt

It's another wet day (at least it was dry for the Queen's concert yesterday, although her river pagent ended up a little soggy). So having got the lawn mower out of the shef only to get rained on straightaway, I decided to spoil myself with an hour or two sewing.

My friend is having baby number 2 mid July, and as I made something for baby number 1 (a white crochet shawl… well I say I made, my Mam did really, as crochet and I aren't quite made for each other, even though I come from a family of crochet-ers), I need to get cracking with a quilt

When in Wales recently, I cut out a stack of HSTs using yellows, duck eggs and white, using the following from my stash. 

The top fan fabric and the cute yellow gingham came from Tricolette, while the middle floral, was one I bought on our recent Copenhagen trip.

And so the square cutting marathon began. I decided to cut three-and-a-half inch squares, allowing quarter of an inch seam allowance. The quilt will be 8HSTs across by 10 HSTs down, so I needed to cut 80 squares.

Emma gave me an old duvet cover from Cologne & Cotton to cut up for patchwork, which is in the duck egg colourway. I thought I would use that for the backing - the perfect welcome for her new baby. I'm not sure on the binding yet - maybe white or perhaps that stronger teal shade from the floral fabric.

So with three rows completed, I've had the luxury of leaving all set up for tomorrow as I'm off all week! Here's to lots more quilting time… I'm also hoping to pop into John Lewis on Oxford Street as our LMQG Modern Quilting Minis go on display mid week – how exciting!


The WIP list

Okay, so time for a recap.

It's been nearly five months since I started my blog and my quilting time stradegy, yet I seemed to have amassed lots of projects or 'work in progress' without having finishd one. 

1) Flag Baby Quilt – needs backing, quilting and binding FINISHED

2) Rose Star Quilt for my niece – five 'stars' completed, estimate 50 to go!

3) Swoon Quilt for our bedroom – one swoon block completed, with lots of shopping for fat quarters done!

4) Baby Quilt for work friend – half triangles cut, some sewn (will share this with you very soon) FINISHED

5) Wedding Quilt – started, need to arrange blocks and sew front (wedding 4th August!)

6) Opps, bought an Anna Maria Horner tapestry - I'd say about 1/10th done (but am enjoying doing this in front of the TV in the evenings)

7) The Post-it Note Quilt – long term WIP (started in 2000!), but needs backing, quilting and binding

Phew. Must crack on as that's quite a list. Wish me luck in crossing a few off, and also giving me something to take along to the next LMQG meeting 8th July (along with a name badge for a fellow member) - update Sunday 8th, can't make it :(


Wedding Quilt... started

I've started another quilt (I know I seem to have several WIPs, but it's quite an eventful summer with babies, birthdays and the wedding of my stylist – and stylish – friend Emma).

I taught Emma to sew far too many years ago than either of us care to rememer, so it seems only right that I make something for her and husband-to-be Matthew's big day.

She's a bit of a vintage girl at heart, so when I saw Kate Spain's Good Fortune range as a layer cake at Tricolette after last month's LMQG meeting, I knew I'd found the right fabric collection.

I decided to follow a pattern from Moda Bakeshop by The Polka Dot Chair, which starts by divding your layer cake into five colour groups. With a bit of improvisation, I finally got the right number of fabrics in each pile. Then it was on to cutting three groups into strips of three and mixing them up before machine-stitching back together.

Then, armed with my rotary cutter, I got lots of cutting practice in as I trimmed my machine strips and the remaining squares to 9inches. Yet more scraps… I love the colour and pattern hit these give.

So I did what every quilter does, and popped the scraps in a zip-lock bag. I wonder if I can use them on the back of my wedding quilt, maybe to 'frame' the label, although I need to sort out a label (and blog header) design, which has been on my 'to do list' for months now.

Although I do like an empty Bon Maman jam jar, washed out with its cute gingham lid. I used one to fill up with haberdashery for our recent swap at the LMGQ meeting (oh great news, they've also found space at the John Lewis bistro on Oxford Street for all of our 'What modern quilting means to me' minis, so my little hexie one will be there!).


Modern mini finished (just in time)

I've finished my mini quilt for tomorrow's LMQG meeting – I think I'm pleased, as it mixes trad patchwork with a modern twist, which was my plan.

I'm loving the grey solid background, which lets the fab retro patterns of the hexies really pop…

I hope I get away with the fact that it's slightly bigger than the 12inch square we were supposed to produce (mine's about 13inches), but after free-motion quiliting it, I couldn't bear to trim too much away.

It's only the second project that I've quilted in this way, and my stitches did get better once I was into my swing (I've also finally worked out how to set my stitch length to zero, having had to make do with 0.2 the first time I tried to FM quilt).


To define the hexies further, I hand-quilted them, using a single thread of a coral/pink DMC thread.

I went for a yellow solid for the binding, adding in hanging corners (just in case my little 'Hexies, but not as we know them mini' makes it into the John Lewis set to go on display in July). Will keep you posted after tomorrow's meeting…


Hexies, but not as we know them

I've started my mini for this month's LMQG challenge on what modern quilting means to me. I wanted to mix English paper piecing with something more modern. My plan was to take a traditional patchwork shape, which visitors to our display in the bistro of John Lewis on Oxford Street during July will recognise and feel comfortable with, and add in a surprise, deconstructed hit.

Of course, my mini has to get shortlisted at May's meeting first. The competition is tough - I've seen some great ones on fellow LMQG member's blogs, including Charlotte's ingenious QR code design!

It's this mix that I love best about modern quilting, that there's always something different waiting to explore or shake up.

I love Rashida's quilt in Block Party by Alissa Haight Carlton & Kristen Lejnieks. The block party members used a mix of Grandmother's Flower Garden clusters and then hexies breaking out in a kind of "Blockbuster" way (remember: 'I'll have a "P" please Bob'?) along the quilt. I've been wanting to make such a block since I got the book at Christmas, so this challenge has really spurred me on.

In true modern quilting fashion, I plan to use grey as the solid, and appliqué my hexagons onto this. Fabric-wise, I've picked a selection of Jenean Morrison's Silent Cinema prints from a bundle I bought just before Christmas at Ray Stitch.

Then I will free motion quilt it, maybe adding in a bit of embroidery... well that's the plan.

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