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I've been sewing since a little girl (helps having a Mam who sat me infront of her sewing machine and instructed me to "Sew in a straight line" with a "We can make it attitude" that dates back as far as I can remember). She's a very talented and special person, making clothes for me and my big sister as we grew up in our Welsh valley town. I lost interest in sewing at school, as I already could do far more than what a class of 30 or so girls and boys of 13+ years could do. 

I rediscovered my sewing mojo the summer before I started university when I decided to make my first patchwork quilt, which was finished at the 11th hour by my Mam and my lovely godmother.

Today, I'm living and working in London and I've totally refuelled my fabric and sewing passion. So in 2012 Edith and Annie (so called after my two grannies) was born as a way of recording my projects for those back home and in the wider quilting and stitching world…